Innovation Career Lessons from a Master
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Shlomo Maital
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Course Goals
By the end of the course the learner will: * Know how to lead a process of innovation and implement ideas through all its phases from discovery to delivery in your own field of choice.
* Know how to apply creativity to generate creative ideas in a wide range of strategic management issues.
* Know how to solve problems in general, with a high degree of innovative creative thinking, to widen the range of possible choices
* Identify new and unfamiliar challenges and needs, reflect on them from a creative point of view (zoom in), decide on the action they require (zoom out) and generate a novel and useful solution
* Transform ideas into real value-creating products, services and processes.
* Be able to analyze both success and failure and draw conclusions from both, for improving future innovative efforts.
* Be able to identify and create key features of innovative products and services and in doing so, generate strategically differentiated innovations that are unique
* Be able to present your ideas persuasively and overcome resistance.
* Know how to simplify a complex product and make it user friendly.
Course Syllebus
We will share with you the following lessons: Love and Knowledge are infinite: grow and share;
Learn from Failures and Successes;
Nothing Moves without a Vision;
Have a Differentiated Market Transforming Strategy;
Dare to Take Action;
Fight Resistance;
It is All About the Ecosystem;
Build a Team;
Keep it Simple and Work Hard.
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