Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset: First Step Towards Success
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非通識領域: 跨領域學院
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Michigan State University
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David Wheeler, Forrest S. Carter, Ken Szymusiak
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Course Goals
This course is the first in a series on starting a business. 
Though new venture creation is the focus of the specialization, this course is important for everyone.
To create a successful business it is not only about what you do (technical execution), it is also about how you think. 
This course provides learners with insights to re-frame their thinking in order to maximize their chances for success.
Course Syllebus
1. will be able to argue effectively against all of the reasons for not starting their business (or reaching some goal);
2. will be  able to operate effectively within the new framework or model for starting a business (or any new endeavor),
3. thus increasing their chances for success; and
4. will be able to make the initial business startup decisions of what type of business to start, and what type of business owner to be.
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