Introduction to Italian
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University for Foreigners of Siena
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Andrea Villarini
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Course Goals
Have you been dreaming of visiting cities like Venice, Rome and Florence? 
Have you always wanted to learn Italian and get to know Italian culture?
If so, this course is perfect for you.
Over six weeks you’ll develop the skills to interact in common conversational situations. 
You’ll learn how to introduce yourself, answer simple questions, ask for information, and talk about your interests, food and clothes.
You’ll develop your listening and speaking skills through watching short videos which introduce sentences frequently used in spoken Italian as well as vocabulary and grammar patterns.
Course Syllebus
1. How to introduce yourself and/or oneself
2. How to say your age, job and nationality
3. How to say information about your family
4. How to ask for/give directions and to indicate something
5. How to contact someone in different situations
6. How to ask whether something else is needed
7. How to apologise and to answer
8. How to describe your habits and the place where you live
9. How to propose a social activity
10. How to discuss prices

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