The Korean Economic Development
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Yonsei University(延世大學)
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Doo Won Lee,
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Course Goals
This course examines the transformation of Korean society 
beginning around the turn of the 20th century to contemporary times. 
In particular, it explores how shifting categories of masculinity, 
and by contrast, femininity have impacted upon, and in turn been influenced by social, cultural, and political change. 
Using multiple disciplinary lenses, 
we will critically examine how gender intersects with political, social, 
and economic developments starting with the Confucianization of Korean society during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) up to the contemporary moment of globalization and neoliberal reform.
 The class will draw on a variety of topics such as traditional views of women, religion, race, class, education, patriarchy, sexuality, imperialism, modernity, war, globalization, the diaspora, among others. Special attention will be placed on the historical, transnational and transdisciplinary connections.
Course Syllebus
1. The Gendering of Modernity and Military Authoritarianism
2. The (Un)making of the Modern Family
3. Female Beauty / Male Beauty & Body Aesthetics
4. Sexuality in Korea
5. Looking Ahead into the Future…
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