Hollywood: History, Industry, Art
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University of Pennsylvania
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Peter Decherney
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  • 很有趣,學到了很多關於好萊塢跟電影的歷史。修課沒有壓力。影片後面的題目錯了也沒關係,只要最後是正確答案即可。 12/1/2019 10:06:01 AM
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  • 很有趣的課程! 5/24/2019 2:05:10 AM
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  • 小考沒有應考次數限制,可以一直猜到對^^(是優是缺大家自行參考xd)對電影有興趣者推薦,可以更了解好萊螐的歷史及目前電影影視界的由來。 12/7/2018 10:17:40 PM
  • 讓我們了解好萊塢如何成為世界文化主流,還有背後的經濟、社會價值,是值得了解的議題。 12/2/2018 11:57:18 AM
  • 5/9/2018 10:16:25 AM
Course Goals
In this course you will learn about Hollywood and how it came to be the global powerhouse of today.
We will discuss the complex Hollywood industry and how business and politics translate into the art of film, TV, and new media.
This course will chronicle Hollywood’s growth and global reach since the 1920s, looking at:
‧ How Hollywood has responded to new technologies such as synchronized sound, color cinematography, TV, home video, computer graphics, and the internet
‧ How the global spread of Hollywood since the 1920s changed the film industry
‧ The relationship between Hollywood and independent film
‧ Hollywood’s responses to crises in American politics (e.g., world wars, the cold war, the 1960s counterculture, 9/11)
We will look closely at representative studios (Paramount, Disney, Fox, and others) and representative filmmakers (Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, Frank Capra, George Lucas, Spike Lee, among many others).
Course Syllebus
(1)The history of the studio system
(2)How to analyze a film
(3)How Hollywood has responded to new technologies in the industry
(4)The impact of global audiences on Hollywood
(5)The relationship between Hollywood and independent media
(6)How Hollywood has reacted to major political events
(7)What the future holds for Hollywood
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